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PATRICO JEWELLERS PHILOSOPHY . TODAY & EVERYDAY A soul is priceless “Each piece of a jewellery has a soul. It is infused with the designer’s spirit, the rare element of individuality that gives it its true value” A treasure that none may take away “I see in every client that walks into my store the same things that I see in jewellery, individuality , personality and style. By understanding them, their needs, their desires, I can tailor make unique creations that truly reflect their individuality and beauty. This is something that could only be theirs, something that no one else can take away.” “Resetting old jewellery is one of my great loves. To reinterpret and rejuvenate an outmoded piece of jewellery, to give it a modern twist and put it back in touch with the trends gives it a second life. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, a new beautiful piece of jewellery is reborn.” Jewellery is a form of wearable art; a fusion of one’s style and status. Using expert craftsman, Patrico Jewellers use only the finest gemstones; so that each finished design is a piece of art tailor-made to bring out style and substance that are exclusively yours. Patrico believes jewels should descend to your loved ones; that is why we are pleased to provide jewellery consultations and  resetting services giving your precious but dated pieces a new lease on life.